Our Services

Container Drayage

Merchants employing our services enjoy an unmatched carriage capacity at both port and rail terminals. We have a team of expertise that works to give you full container shipment. We offer full and partial container load shipments and arrange it from one shipping port to another. We offer standard over- dimensional shipments, ocean freights and over-weight.

We have multiple pick-up and delivery points that enable us to offer expedited container transport. We also offer transport to and from container and rail yards.

Services offered include:

• 20/40/45’ & 53’ container sizes

We transport 20’, 40’, 45’ and 53’ containers within the region and throughout California. A real-time shipment visibility is facilitated by GPS positioning of our intermodal fleet.

We ensure to put in place pre-alerts and strategic planning of both pick-up and delivery of full loads and empty container returns.

Our Secure vast yard with modern lifters enable us to expedite transfer to and from our facility. Our Dedicated drivers, yard workers, dispatch and customer care staff serve customers around the clock each day of the year.

• Ocean Port transportation

We provide pick-up and delivery of import and export ocean containers throughout Garden Grove. Our in-house expertise of harbor operations work to create a partnership with your custom broker to provide unbeatable services that will meet your supply chain requirements.

• Rail Ramp transportation
We offer seamless rail freight services across California. The typical transit time for coast-to-coast delivery is dependent on the distance.

Our Trains operate on a regularly scheduled service throughout the region. We have shipment tracking in place to ensure monitoring of your freight from origin to destination.

• Dry Container shipment

We offer dry freight container transportation services. Our containers are totally enclosed and weatherproof, with a rigid roof and rigid side walls. They also have floor, and at least one of its end walls is equipped with doors, and intended to be fit for the transport of cargo of the greatest possible variety.

We, therefore, transport “Dry” goods, including those packed in boxes, cartons, cases, bags, bales, pallets, and drums among others, and ensure they are delivered in the same good condition